The forests are one of the treasures of the municipality - they cover 20% of its territory. The total wood reserve is estimated to around 1 028 475 cubic meters and the average annual wood production is 37, 000 cubic meters. Diversity of the forest fund of Municipality of Isperih consists of more than 40 tree species, including over 20 bush species and over 100 grass species.

    Average annual afforestation is more than 900 decrees. Some local deciduous tree species, such as cerise oak silver-leaf lime-tree, oak, ash-tree, sycamore etc. are planted. Some foreign species, success fully naturalized in Bulgaria as red American oak, Hungarian acacia and some hybrid species of poplar are planted, as well.Climate and the lack of human intervention have preserved the specific plant-life in Sboryanovo almost unchanged.

    The pervious upper ground layers make possible the growth of some east-European grass plants and mixed deciduous forests, Along the Krapinets river valley elm-tree, oak, maple, ash-tree, lime-tree and hornbeam could be seen. As we climb up the plant - life changes-corneal tree, sumac, hazel bush, dog wood, elder, hawthorn are most common. On the edge of the rocky plateau white heath, silver and Krim "sore eye" herb, wild thyme, digitalis and mullein grow up. Thus region is the only places in Bulgaria where Hungarian pink, Australian basil, foxglove, and spring goose -grass are to be found.

    The nature reservation "Bojurite" is situated on the Municipality of Isperih of territory, near Pechenitsa village.