The author of this site is Tihomil Kulev in Razgrad . The page has not pretensions for fullness and it is without necessary scientific facts. For the consent are used administration facts from Municipality Isperih, Historical museum Isperih, and free facts from Internet, some personal works and photos. The page takes a small part of existing data about life and work of the Thracian tribe Getae on Isperih Municipality territory and in Helis - a town which is supposed to be the capital of the Getae King Dromihet.

     I pay much attention in the historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo where on this comparatively limited territory are situated over 140 archaeological monuments are to be found on that comparatively limited territory - prehistoric settlements, tells and tumuli, sanctuaries, a Thracian town, an early Byzantine castle, fortifications from the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, a late medieval ( Alian ) turbe, etc.

    I hope my page will help Internet users, and make popular a little known Historical and Archaeological Reservation "Sboryanovo" popular not only in Bulgaria but abroad, as well. I hope that it well help to create new educational, historical and archaeological sites about glorious Bulgarian history.

    This site was mode with the great help of Mr. Adil Reshidov - the mayor Municipality of Isperih, and Mrs. Stoyanka Hristova - English language teacher. I will appreciate it if you express your opinions, suggestions and marks about the site in my e-mail: