The archaeological wealth of the region attracted the attention of the Shkorpil brothers as early as the end of 19th c. Attention to the rich in its places of interest Isperih region dates from the time when modern Bulgarian science was based. Due to the interest in the scientific circles Demir Baba Teke is declared to be an ancient monument. Owing to the interest in archaeological monuments in this area a regional Archaeological Group named "Khan Omortag" is formed in May 1927 in Kemaklar (the old name of the town of Isperih). At the beginning "Conscience" in Isperih a group of enthusiasts put an aim-to collect historical objects, remains and pieces of ancient monuments. In this way the first museum collection, consisting of 332 exhibits, was shown to the public. Later, in 1963 it reaches 1711 exhibits. In September, 1973 a new exposition, which takes 180 m2, is opened.

     In 1975 Isperih museum exposition becomes a branch of the regional historical museum in Razgrad. From May 21st, 1984 it exists as a separate museum. During this time Isperih becomes a center of the complex scientific researches on" GETIKA" programmed. A Thracian king tumulus, near Sveshtari, village, is found during excavation. From 1985 it is on the list of the world s cultural and historical heritage under the protection of UNESCO.

     At the Historical museum - Isperih are kept more than 30 thousand museum units. The "Archaeology" fund subsumes finds dated to the Neolithic and eneolith, the Early Iron and Hellenistic ages, the late antiquity and middle Ages found at archeological excavations and terrain researches in the region of Isperih. In the years after the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish slavery many people from different parts of the country settled the region of Isperih and after the World War I - also settlers from Romanian Dobrudja. The exceptional richness of traditions of life, folklore and ethnic traditions including their reciprocity could be seen in the ethnographic collections of the museum. In the "Modern and Modernist history" fund are kept things, archive documents and memoirs of men of note from our region.

     The most interesting exponents could be seen in the permanent museum exposition and at the time of exhibitions.


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