At the heart of Ludogorie, on the way from Silistra to Razgrad – thus the location of the Isperih municipality could be specified. Once the way passed trough the Deliorman forests, which laid from the high crest over the valley of the river Belilom to the last slopes before the River valley, 10-15 km before the Danube, the last determining the belonging of the Ludogorie to the Danube valley. The ancient name of the Ludogorie is Deliorman, which derives from the kuman denomination for “virgin forest”.

    Isperih municipality is situated in the Razgrad district, in the Northeast Planning Region of Bulgaria. It borders with the following municipalities: Dulovo, Kaolinovo, Samouil, Razgrad, Zavet and Glavinitsa. Isperih municipality is the second biggest municipality in the Razgrad district and covers a territory of 402 sq. km. It is located in the Ludogorie area, which is part of the Danube Valley.

     There are 23 settlements in the municipality, of which 22 villages and 1 town- unicipal center Isperih.

In administrative and territorial aspect the Isperih municipality borders on the regional centre Razgrad, the Samuil and Zavet municipalities from the Razgrad region and the Dulovo and Glavinitza municipalities from the Silistra region.

Map of Municipality Isperih