In terms of climate, Isperich Municipality falls within the moderate-continental climatic sub-area of the European continental region and is characterized by hot summer and cold winter. Precipitation is lower than the country’s average, but is more abundant than the other areas in the Ludogorie region. The annual precipitation course is of expressly continental character. The maximum is in June and the minimum – in February. Snow falls in the period from November to April. The average monthly and seasonal precipitation distribution is as follows: winter – 131 l/sq.m.; spring – 165 l/sq.m.; summer – 227 l/sq.m. and autumn – 133 l/sq.m

    The coldest months of the year are January and February. The average annual temperature is 10,3°С. The minimum temperatures in winter in some cases fall to -25°С. Sharp temperature drops in spring and autumn are not an exception. July and August are the hottest months. April is a typical spring month and October – a typical autumn one. The average monthly temperatures in January (-2°С) and July (24°С), the precipitation regime (a minimum in February and a maximum in June) and the comparatively long snow retaining (for over 3 months) are an evidence of the well-expressed continental characteristics of the climate in the area of Isperich Municipality

     Winds in Isperich Municipality are changeable, but predominantly blowing from the West and Northwest. In summer they bring rainclouds of oceanic origin. The Northeast wind is dry in summer and is a sign of stable and sunny weather and in winter it brings about severe cold and heaps the dry snow into snowdrifts.

    The water resources in Isperich Municipality are abundant since water is supplied from the great capped springs at Demir Baba Teke and the valley to the North of it, with the main one being Krapinez river. The largest group of wells was to be found to the South of the town over the present Isperich Railroad Station, with a depth of 19 m and clear water. The spring near the village of Dragomaj has been capped to supply water to the town of Isperich and the village of Yakim Gruevo. There are a number of small water sources rich in fish on the territory of the municipality.