Several second-class roads of the republican road network, as well as Samuil – Silistra railway line cross Isperich Municipality. There are 19 km of second-class, 46 km of third-class and 34 km of fourth-class roads (a total of 99 km) on the territory of the Municipality. The municipal road network is maintained by Isperich Municipality. In 2002 the roads connecting the villages of Sveshtari – Vazovo – Rainino, Ludogorci – Staro selishte, Ludogorci – Bardokva and some streets in the towns and villages were rehabilitated and repaired under a project thereof. Finishing under an approved design of the inter-municipality road between the villages of Konevo and Zebil is forthcoming. Repairs of the local roads in the villages of Yonkovo and Malak Porovetz are forthcoming.

     The transportation servicing of the population is carried out by vehicle and railway means with vehicle transport being the prevailing type. 10 passenger routs in the municipality and 5 passenger regional lines to the towns of Rousse, Shoumen, Varna, Bourgas and Sofia are maintained. Passing buses maintain the connection with the towns of Dulovo, Silistra and Gorna Oryahovitza.

    The water sources in Isperich Municipality are 57 in total, incl. 34 usable. The maximum output capacity of the used sources is 568 l/sec. The average annual operational output in 1999 was 213,4 l/sec. A water treatment station has been in operation in the town of Isperich since 2000. There are a sewerage system partially built and a water treatment station not operating to its full capacity in the town. As a whole, no sewerage network exists in the other towns and villages. The existing sewerage network is 4 200 m long which stands for only 10% of the entire sewerage system in Isperich Municipality, which is 42 400 m

     Gasification of the town of Isperich started at the end of 2002 with prospecting for the gas-main being carried out two years before that. Currently, the buildings of the municipal administration, Radost Nursery Home, the Multi-profile active treatment hospital, Hristo Botev Primary School, Vasil Aprilov Primary School, Vasil Levski High School and all kindergartens have been gasified. The communication network is of various degree of completion in the individual towns and villages. Isperich Municipality is wholly covered by the mobile phone operators; there are Internet services providers, cable TV and a municipal radio. 5 elementary and 13 primary schools and two high schools one of which specialized in agriculture, as well as 24 kindergartens function in the municipality.

     The telephone network covers the whole territory of the municipality, but it is obsolete. The two mobile telephone operators - M-Tel and Globul cover the whole municipal territory. There is only one provider of Internet services in the municipality and a local cable TV.

The educational network of the municipality includes 5 elementary, 13 primary, 1 secondary general and 1 secondary vocational ( agricultural ) schools, as well as 24 kindergartens.