The town spreads out over an area of more than 100 decrees and has remarkable fortifications. It is surrounded by a double - fortified wall, 3.30 - 4.20 m. thick and presumably 10 - 12 m high, which follows the lie of the land. It is worthy of being the residence of the Thracian ruler Dromihet, who defeated Lysimachus. The two fortress gates in the north and south are protected by means of a complex system of walls and bastions.

     The only inscription in ancient Greek known so far in the region, dedicated to the goddess of Phosphoros - patron of gates and fortresses, was found near the southern gate. The amphorae, Greek vessels and other objects found during the excavations point to the extensive trade relations of the Getae with the Greek town - colonies along the shores of the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

     The foundation of the city is to de dated in the beginning of the last quarter of the 4th c. BC. Then, or later (315-310 BC) the construction of the main curtain is to be considered The end of the Thracian city at Sboryanovo may be dated in the middle of the 3th c. BC. It is determined by the visible, devastating earthquake that destroyed the city about 250 BC. The observations over all parts of the city show that after that date the city has not been restored.